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26 November 2009
Today, I finally made the informatics pages XHTML valid. I also restarted working on my forum, but it is still far from being finished.

06 October 2009
New miniature logo's have been made and uploaded. Check them out on the main page and my home page!

05 October 2009
Because I still wasn’t really satisfied with the logo, I decided to change them. Most of them have just been uploaded, the miniatures will follow soon.
Some other news: I won't be finishing my forum soon, and the downloadable services tab won’t come out all too soon either. This doesn’t mean they will never be finished, but not in the near future.

29 June 2009
The biggest problems with Jimbow's Home seem to be solved, so I decided to make the pages available for download. You can find them here. I hope you have fun with it.
I also just thought of making a new tab here for my downloadable services. Will start working on that as soon as possible.

28 June 2009
Problem with the index layout solved. Apparently I seemed to have forgotten to disable the repetition of the background.

27 June 2009
Today I've translated my hangman game and created the option to choose whether you want to play it in English or Dutch. It didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to go, but at least it works.
Unfortunately, I just found out that the index page isn't very good-looking for any non-firefox user. I hope to solve this problem soon.

09 June 2009
Pfew.. Finally got the edit pages of "Jimbow’s Home" working on Internet Explorer. It took me quite some time, and I tried almost everything that might solve the problem. Finally it turned out that it didn't save cookies too well, and that it kept on using old, wrong cookies. By just changing the expiration date of the cookies, the problems seem to be solved.
However, the "Jimbow’s Home" pages still aren't available for you. This is because I have to finish some latest little things. When I'm done, version 2.2 will be available for download right here!

08 June 2009
Today I've finished the viewable pages of "Jimbow’s Home". Unfortunately, the edit pages don't work on Internet Explorer right now so I'll have to change them before they will be accessible for all of you

28 April 2009
From now on, I'll try to make all of my pages W3C valid. I've finished the main page, this one and two of the new "Jimbow’s Home" pages. I've been rewarded this nice logo:

22 March 2009
After a long period of switching between free hosts, I finally decided to pay for my webhosting and domain. All the pages will be uploaded soon.
(Note: this message was posted on 06 October 2009, I somehow seem to have forgotten to post the first updates...)

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