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22 November 2010
It's been a while since I last updated this 'changelog'. However, in the meanwhile I haven't been doing nothing about the sites. On the contrary, I've committed all kinds of minor changes to almost all my pages. For example, yesterday I added colors to the file tables of Jimbow's Informatics to indicate the access level of those files. Today, I found a (major) security bug in some pages of Jimbow's Informatics. This is now fixed, which means among others that only those authorized can upload files now.
I've also got some good ideas for restarting working on Jimbow's Forum. Now I only need to find the time to execute those...

24 August 2010
Just a few minutes ago, I finally finished Jimbow's Home V3.0. Apart from some minor issues on Opera, it's now supported by all five major browsers. You might be wondering why I'm not making this available for download yet. This is because I haven't created the installer page yet. When this is done, you will be able to download it on the new downloads section that will rise here.

17 August 2010
Uploaded the new boxes. See my message of earlier today for more details.

17 August 2010
As you may or may not have noticed, I've changed the background yesterday. The old background wasn't created by me, it was just copied from another website. Besides that, Internet Explorer (and all other browsers on older pcs) didn't render the background color correct so that you saw a clear line where the background image stopped. To make sure this wouldn't happen again with this background, the background image is now just a partly transparent layer that is placed over a clear blue background. Unfurtunately, this doesn't work on IE 6 and earlier. Therefore, when you use an older IE browser, you see just a clear blue background. So far for the background. The other thing I've been doing today is about the menu and content boxes. They look OK, but are a bit too simple. This will change in a few days! I've found a way to create nice boxes in Paint.NET and I've made some. They can already be found at Jimbow's Home V3 Beta. The differences are very noticable on the following screens.
Old home layout New home layout

03 August 2010
The last few days I've been working on a new version of Jimbow's Home. Although the old version worked fine for me, it didn't work that good if I opened it in a different browser than mine or even at a different pc. With this new version I started with nothing once again and slowly built a better version of the old system. (The old version wasn't really created by me. I just copied a script from somewhere and altered it.)
Jimbow's Home V3.0 isn't entirely finished yet, but you can view the first results here.

28 June 2010
Today I created the public part of my informatics pages. It is now possible for anyone who doesn't have an account to access some files that I've uploaded there and made public. These are files of which I don't care if anyone copies them, like my game Jacman or the exams.
I've also just started editing a javascript smooth sliding script I found on the internet. If I manage to edit it so that it can do everything I want it to do, I will use it for my new Home page.

24 June 2010
I've just finished the old layouts page I guess... All of my old layouts have been uploaded and the upload script (which can only be accessed by me) works as well.
The next thing I will do is expand my informatics pages with a public part. This new version (V2.2) will give anonymous visitors the opportunity to download files that weren't created by me and files of which it doesn't matter if anyone just accesses them.

18 June 2010
Today I was very happy to find that I hadn't deleted all the code from Jimbow's Jimtendo V2.0, but still had it stored on an old USB-stick. Finding this old layout reminded me that I'd been planning to create a webpage for my old layouts, so today I've started making that page. It seems to be a lot more work than I expected though, so I'm not finished yet. However, you can already view the currently added layouts at Jimbow's Old Layouts.

04 June 2010
The moment has arrived: I've just uploaded these new index pages into a the main folder so that everyone can now view them. I hope you like the new layout and contents. If you still have any suggestions of what could be done better, please contact me.
PS: you can find the old index pages here.

03 June 2010
I've just finished the code for adding/editing/removing updates to the list of updates. This same thing goes for the index and about pages.

03 June 2010
Created a working update list for my new index pages. I still need to add all the old updates to it though.

01 June 2010
It’s been a while since I last updated this log. In the meantime, quite a few things have changed. I’ve created completely new Jimbow’s Informatics pages and used that new implementation to write Jimbow’s: Jimtendo Games, Movies and Images V3.0. The changes of Jimtendo can be found when you click on "Show/Hide Jimtendo’s History" at Jimtendo V3.0; the changes of Jimbow’s Informatics will be discussed here shortly.
At the previous version of Jimbow’s Informatics, practically everyone had access to the assignments I uploaded. This had to change, because the chance of fraud was too high. On the new Informatics pages, you have to register before you can access my assignments. You then have to be activated by me, so that I can be sure that I know you and you won’t commit fraud. I also store whoever downloads whichever file at whichever date and time, so that I know who to blame if fraud is detected. Finally, there is of course the change to the layout I use for Jimbow’s Tutorials, because the old layout started to bore me.

05 April 2010
Well.. A few weeks ago I didn’t really want to study for my exams so I created a new layout. Two days ago, I uploaded this layout for Jimbow’s Tutorials, because I had written a tutorial about how to install the printers at my university on your laptop. Today, I found a way to edit fonts. This way, I was able to create a font with my nice O in it (the one with the smile). Because of this, I am now finally able to create the logos without Microsoft Office. As I didn’t want to forget how I did this, I wrote another tutorial about this.
Last week (I guess), I created a very basic version of Arkanoid and a multiplayer version of Pong. Please try them out!

07 February 2010
It has been a while since I last updated this site. Last time, I said that I restarted working on my forum, but I haven’t really made much progression.
Anyways, today, I recreated the CSS of the informatics pages. I’ve also changed the column number from three to four, as I had to place so many items there that three wasn’t enough any more. I’ve also uploaded the first version of Jimtendo, which I made two and a half year ago. It looks like crap, but well...

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